How effective was Product Hunt for your SaaS product

Missy Trussell
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Hello, I am thinking about doing a ProductHunt launch for my B2B SaaS product soon and was wondering how effective it was for other SaaS owners. Was there any type of increase in traffic? How many signups did you get, and how many paying customers did you acquire from your launch? Also, any tips on the launch would be greatly appreciated. If you are okay with hunting my product, please PM me! Thanks.


Maxwell Davis
TweetStores - Launching 5th March 🚀
Haven't launched yet so following - good luck with yours - note there was a similar post today:
Wojtek Krzciński
Founder of Raport. All-in-one analytics
Here is an article I wrote after we launched BlogAudio which is a B2C and B2B SaaS. We made it to #4 Product of the day so I believe you can learn a bit :)
Rosie Higgins
Software engineer and entrepreneur
We just launched today! I'm not sure yet, I think it will be good to drive some traffic to us but I don't think it will help us a user base to be honest. we'll see though 🤞
Rosie Higgins
Software engineer and entrepreneur
Jugurtha Hadjar
I launched last night for the first time. I can't tell yet. I'm not familiar with ProductHunt, so I don't know how to interpret. Number of upvotes, position, etc.
I'm a QA and content Writer.
Hey @missy_trussell, I have launched 2 Product Hunts. 1. AreYouSafe? bot It helps easily trigger employee safety checks during a major incident in under 60 seconds! and 2. AnnounceBot It helps you welcome new team members and greet them on special occasions I have received a decent response for both bots. Good luck with your PH :)