How does your company handle knowledge management and has it changed due to remote work?

Moritz Kaiser
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Does your company just use Word and Excel, and print out documents and compare spreadsheets or do you use Google Workspace together with Slack or do you try and use more dedicated SaaS products like Guru, Notion, Bloomfire or traditional systems like Confluence, Zendesk and more. If you are using a mix of different tools why is that and which ones do you use?


Moritz Kaiser
At my company we have been using mostly Google Workspace and Slack so far, but to my relief that is going to change soon. After trying out some of the products I have mentioned above we decided that we are going to build our own platform based on our needs, with feature changes and imrovements compared to other platforms. We are still developing it, but if you want to check out what we are working on you can go to
Launching soon!
We were using Slack a while back. However, now, we have started to use Workhub Connect. And while it is relevantly unfamiliar than some of the more popular relevant tools, the decision to select it for the intended use has proved to be great so far!
Valeria Migova
My team and I love to use online whiteboard Weje. It helps us collect, organise, plan, and share the most valuable data. Really convenient and helpful tool.
Jonathan Yan
@moritz_kaiser My company uses Notion and this is the first time I've had experience using a tool like this! I'm still learning how to navigate but I love how easy it is, so far, to display knowledge, tips, track progress, etc. Our company, oVice, also provides customizable virtual spaces to businesses and individuals through the metaverse so they can make their space entirely unique and interact with each other in real time. It's a super easy way to collaborate and share knowledge with one another now that remote work is becoming so normal. You can always check us out at and see how it works. :)