How do you validate feature ideas in existing products?

Shawn Mclean
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For those with an existing product and userbase, how do you validate a simple idea such as adding a 'share' button?


I would always find a way to talk to customers first to understand if the "share" button is even something that would have an impact on their journey then look into AB Testing to validate. What practices have you seen work best?
Shawn Mclean
@jennifer00 so far I've seen in-app fake door tests to be a really lean way because of the empirical evidence right within the user population. When we add a survey to that, then we get a good mix of qual and quant evidence for minimal effort. We can breeze through idea validation with these 2 practices combined. We didn't even need to talk to users until after we got empirical evidence. So we failed ideas really quickly.
That what i need to start but gt this out this was good thanks for sharing. dunkinrunsonyou