How do you use Product Hunt to validate an idea before actually building it?

Bui Quang Huy
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I want to validate some of my ideas, but I don't want to commit the deadly sins of building before validating, it tends to waste a lot of time. I would love to hear more from people here who have successful and unsuccessful experience in validating ideas before building on Product Hunt, or any other platform that you might want to bring up too! Your insight means a lot to me!


Thomas Turner
Product Hunt Isn't a Crystal Ball: While Product Hunt is a great starting point, it's important not to rely solely on its feedback. Consider limitations: The platform attracts tech-savvy users, so your idea might resonate well there, but not necessarily with the broader market. Combine Product Hunt feedback with other validation methods like user interviews or surveys for a more comprehensive picture.
My3 Murthy
@thomas_turner3 I 100% agree with this- Reddit is also a great place to post your ideas- there are subreddits dedicated specially to providing feedback on ideas.
David Walker
Posting a well-crafted launch with a clear value proposition and mockups can generate valuable feedback from potential users. Positive reactions and upvotes suggest there might be a market for your product.
Abhra Ch.
Launching soon!
Hey @lazyyuuki! πŸ˜„ Great question! Validating an idea before diving into building it is super crucial. I usually start by creating a simple landing page and sharing it on Product Hunt to gauge interest and collect feedback. You can also engage with the community by starting discussions or asking for opinions on specific features. User comments and engagement levels can be quite telling! Don’t forget A/B testing with different value propositions or features to see what resonates more. Can't wait to see what you come up with! πŸš€πŸ˜
you can create a "coming soon" page or launch a minimal viable product (MVP). Engage with the community by sharing the concept, gathering feedback, and gauging interest through sign-ups or comments. Use the responses to refine your idea, ensuring there's demand before investing further. This approach helps in making informed decisions and increases the chances of success.
Louis Potter
Perhaps asking more questions in the Product Hunt community to see everyone's feedback can serve as an initial validation.
I am not sure of the best way to validate idea on PH before building but you can try searching for your idea here and might find something relevant.
Andreas Sohns
I understand the need to validate first. On PH try sharing your idea with visuals or a basic prototype. Ask for feedback and use polls.
Ivan Territo
From my point of view depends on your project... If it is a more structured, big, long-term project, I prefer definitely to make a marketing research before to go on with the project, and so, even before to start show something on Product Hunt for example... Instead for a smaller project, a side project let's say, like my next launch: ... it's ok to launch it here and then see what happens. I'm using Product Hunt in this specific case also to have a feedback from the community, and so, decide if expand it or not. Obviously also for a social proof.
Viraj P
This depends on the idea. But a pretty fool-proof way to see if you have any PMF is to create a quick landing page with a waitlist sign-up option. This gives you a tangible metric to gauge interest in your concept. Next, take the time to define your ideal user or consumer clearly. Understanding your target audience is crucial for effective validation. Conduct as many user interviews as possible once you've identified your ideal users. Contact these people and ask open-ended questions about their problems, needs, and thoughts on your idea. These conversations will help shape your product. Analyze the data from your waitlist sign-ups and user interviews to identify common themes and pain points. Then, refine your concept and determine if there's genuine demand for your solution. Validation is always a challenge and often stumps people right there. It's hard not to spend at least a little time determining whether you have a good product before building. This is the most common thing I've seen, and it's worked for numerous iterations of different products.
Gurkaran Singh
Validating ideas on Product Hunt is like testing a recipe before hosting a dinner party - you want to make sure it's a hit before serving it up to your guests! Let's avoid baking a flop cake, shall we?