How do you use Facebook for marketing?

Dylan Merideth
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With IOS privacy choice reducing facebook ad targeting efficacy, I wonder how you are using it to get the most ROI, whether it be paid ads or organic outreach.


Dylan Merideth
We are just beginning our Facebook journey, so I was planning on cross-promoting content and posts I have already created. Is there something different you use facebook for if at all?
Dylan Merideth
@prasannaunar this is the nuance that I am looking to confirm Prassana, I think you should market where your customers "live" so to speak when it comes to building community. Totally agree, organic engagement is sparing and definitely not prioritized on the platform.
Sergio Zaciu
upvoting because I don't and want to know if anyone does XD
Dylan Merideth
@szaciu thanks for adding some visibility Sergio
Yuri Lisin
I think I may consider promoting events on FB one day, it is rather convenient to set up and worked out rather well for me, but paid ads and organic search IDK, I feel like it's a long road to become effective and requires a substantial budget.
Dylan Merideth
@yuryfication I have some hesitation too, but I was talking to a friend in marketing, and they were surprised to find I wasnt using facebook. Taking the feedback in stride, we decided to embark on a facebook organic campaign for now until we have dry powder for paid ad campaign
Gurpinder Singh
Paid: use targeted ads based on insights about your audience, run brand awareness campaigns for the bottom of the funnel audience & then use conversion ads for the top of the funnel audience. Free: use facebook groups to market your business, join groups related to your product
Dylan Merideth
@gurpinder_singh This is primo advice Gurpinder, how did you segment your audience into top and bottom of funnel? This sounds like a really useful activity I should do before starting any campaign
I just do not use Facebook. I think it is too much effort to so little reach. (Your updates reach fewer than 1% of your followers count (a.k.a. fan page "likes"). I still keep the FB page open to answer inquiries that arrive through there, and I post an update now and then just to keep it alive; but I do not have any hopes about it as a marketing or sales tool.
Dylan Merideth
@simplytedel This is helpful advice, I do not have a lot of effort put in yet, so wanting to understand more before I start prioritizing it
Fabian Maume
I'm using Facebook purely organically. I'm focusing on leveraging group using social fixer chrome extension to monitor group effectively:
Bertha Kgokong
/@fabian @fabian_maume Social Fixer looks really interesting for companies who have audiences on Facebook, will bookmark this for sure
Paul VanZandt
We don't monitor Facebook much but I'd be interested to see some strategies. Thanks for sharing this thread.
Dylan Merideth
@paul_vanzandt no problem! Me too, seeing some proven strategies would be helpful!
Harshit Chawla
Yes, it is reducing facebook ad targeting efficiency. This link might help you out... Any other actions you experience from which we can get the most ROI. Looking forward to it.
Dylan Merideth
@harshit_chawla Thank you so much for the information harshit! We are currently evaluating how groups on facebook can help us broaden our organic reach.
Paul-Louis Valat
Facebook groups are definitely a great opportunity for organic social traffic and leads. The key is to be subtle and not overly self-promotional. I've joined a few private groups like the marketer communities (the audience I want to reach) and engage with them. When I prepare a new blog post, I ask them for tips, best practices, tools, etc. that they would recommend. I usually get a good number of responses, quote them in the content and share the published content in the same feed. This way I can get a good amount of quality traffic and generate some interest in my business.
Dylan Merideth
@paullouis_valat1 Facebook groups are one of the reasons we are giving it a go, as the organic reach there is probably highest. Thats also a great practice, and a source of guidance and for content, thanks for the tip!
Paul-Louis Valat
@dylan_merideth Sure thing! Let me know how it goes for you :)
Dylan Merideth
@paullouis_valat1 Will do, just gotta establish some rapport with a marketing community
for free promotions Facebook groups are great to begin with, join multiple groups in your niche and you can promote your product/service on them
Max Velin
I run a business account on Facebook and try to make the most of the ads and get clients in. What do you think is the first thing users look at when they come to your Facebook page? A little hint... This element measures 851 by 315 pixels and takes up almost a quarter of the screen in almost any desktop browser. Guess what? Yes, it's a page cover. So I tried to entice users even in this way. Using, I designed some pretty nice covers that many users liked.