How do you track/update your Company OKRs from Trello?

Emre Akyol
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I realized that there are not many options for full-fledged OKR power-up in Trello. As ConectoHub, we are planning to build a useful OKR power-up. With our OKR power-up, you can: -Select which card is contributing which OKR, -Update OKR progress by completing Trello cards, -Send OKR check-ins from Trello, -Sort Trello cards by OKRs I'm asking to fellows who use Trello, can you explain your needs while performing OKR?


Bella Bardswell
We're using OKRs at my SaaS startup and they are proving super valuable. Driving focus, prioritisation and alignment. But I am a super fan of OKRs. If you don't use OKRs you need some kind of goals to connect strategy and execution, and help people know what to focus on and prioritise. Also, if they understand where you're going, you can empower them stand back and let the magic happen! Trello is a place to write them down and share them but it's not great for tracking and you're still vulnerable to the mistakes that many people make with implementing OKRs. I've actually founded a company to help people succeed with (vs use) OKRs - we have an app with in-app coaching to help you succeed - let me know if you'd like to chat!