How do you think Product Hunt Campaigns mainly help startups to grow?

Galia Khosravian
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David Babins
On a related note, kicked around with a little different thinking! ... :) 106 Must-Know Startup Statistics for 2022...
@david_babins it was an insightful article thanks for sharing
Silvi Hambardzumyan
I think the major help is raising your product's awareness, after which you can acquire early adopters and maybe find some good paying customers. Also the results are different from product to product.
@silvi_hambardzumian Interesting is there a specific type of product that you think will do better in PH?
Silvi Hambardzumyan
@galia1999 more daily usage products will do better here, because usually they are easy to understand and use.
Bogomil Shopov - Bogo
All of them if you know how to do it, none of them if you jus tpaste the link into the submit form.
@bogomep Interesting point of view, how long do you think the team should work on the PH campaign before launching it?
ann nalbandyan
To me it can help to all the mentioned aspects.
@ann_nalbandyan Interesting thanks for contributing
PR and eyeballs / backlinks first, but feedback is another important aspect it looks like is forgotten. Most Product Hunters are on here with a lot of really great, diverse experience and technically-minded, or have enough projects that they can give unique feedback that randomized beta testers or friends & family / first customers wouldn't be able to provide. Honing in on your product early on and having those careful eyeballs are just as important as generating the traction / traffic (but none of that would be possible without clicks first)
@kmkmkm Can't agree more "having those careful eyeballs" is priceless, Thank you for the insightful respond
Elena Cirera
Product Hunt helps startups grow in many ways; it helps acquire early adopters, investors, and marketers. It also provides supporting members to perform beta testing of products.
Kenneth Shin
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Anastasiia Holiachenko 🇺🇦
All of these points! Receiving feedback works, here, on product hunt, for sure. Recently, the completely rough product has improved in a couple of hours thanks to the feedback of community. The author has added the functionality I have asked for in 20 minutes! That's impressive.
Carsten Pleiser
I think that PH is actually really good for community building and making new friends/connections. The launch itself is almost a byproduct.