How do you structure completed experiments?

Eivind Håverstad
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Hi! I'm about to do a lot of experiments on marketing in the near future. Hopefully, I'll end up with a lot of completed tests filled with takeaways to improve my marketing. Yet, a lot of tests bring with them a risk of chaos. For instance, how do new colleges adopt knowledge from a backlog of hundreds of completed tests? I know there ain't any perfect tool, but any recommendations are appreciated. Questions that pop up in my mind: How to search through the tests? How to filter through the outcomes or the takeaways from each test? Are there any tools out there that make searching for completed tests in. a good way?


Lorenzo Satta Chiris
Heyyy, I'm actually working on such a tool 😃 I had exactly the same problem. While searching for such a tool, I realized that actually there isn't one to fit our needs. So built it myself. Currently still in beta, but would be really excited to have a talk with you, maybe also giving you full access to the tool and working together to build features matching your needs. Feel free to reach out ( or Twitter if you prefer)
Eivind Håverstad
@devlorenzo1 Hi Lorenzo, Cool. Would love to have a chat with you. I'm about to have a talk with about their tool today, yet I'm always open to alternatives. I'll DM you on Twitter. :)