How do you stay productive and motivated working virtually?

Gor Aleksanyan
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Staying productive and motivated is the basis of efficiency and success. What do you think about remote work that is very popular after pandemic?


Paul-Henri Hersen
CPO @ - Station F
Productive: listening to videos on youtube with library sounds, to avoid the feeling of working alone Motivated: using all the benefits from remote work (cook good stuff, sleep more, walk 10-15min as much as needed...) Hope this will help!
Gor Aleksanyan
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@ph_hersen Sure, very interesting approach I guess I also need to try listening to videos.
Cerebrum Infotech
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Staying motivated and productive were a little tough during earlier days of the pandemic but with dedication among the team passed the phase. We had daily meetings after which the team enjoyed in the last. We had friday-fun sessions with team and lot more.
Jaskiran Kaur
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My team leaders and colleagues were great. At the end of the scrum, for some time we have fun. They were fun Friday but I mostly enjoy socializing face to face.
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