How do you stay focused when working for long periods of time?

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Hi hunters! It can be really difficult to stay concentrated when working for long periods of time doing computer work. I get tired quickly and finish working at night. How do you stay focused when working for long periods of time doing computer work?


Demi Jones
One of my favourite things to do is remove distractions and time block. If my phone is causing me to not work, I move it far away from me where I am unable to reach it. In addition, time blocking has saved my life, I dedicate a certain amount of time to a task and I crush it. I hope this helps.
Bhavna Singh
Staying focus on the long stretched day is really tough job and with focus being productive is even more harder, so in my view taking few breaks and a cup of coffee works for me and at times even talking to your peers make things go for you in better way.
Ajinkya Chikhale
Focus on one thing for long time is difficult at times. So, I take small 5-10 min breaks and try to do some physical activity like taking a small walk.
@ajinkya_chikhale03 Physical activity could help a lot! I'll try to take a small walk! Thanks for advice!
Andrew Isherwood
So long as it's interesting and not just busy work, staying focused on a task has never been an issue. It's getting started on a task that I struggle with. Try taking a short break or set up in a different room for an hour or two.
Tanya Kapoor
Hi @daryakhmetova I usually go for a 5/10-minute walk and have a cup of coffee. This helps me to stay creative and focused during long working hours.
Aneeq Naeem
@daryakhmetova @tanya_kapoor Light exercise is essential for your mental as well as physical health.
Rami Alkayyali
You dont! It's humanly impossible to stay focused for long periods of time. I believe our concentration levels are going down by the day, so it makes sense to have distraction-less intervals for short periods, and get maximum outputs. Some call it power sessions, some have other names for it. But the idea is to have 20 to 30 minute sessions with full focus and without distractions. This helps us concentrate on tasks with a limited time, naturally helping us focus with a little help from the pressure of the deadline.
Neha Dadhich
@rami_alkayyali True. I also believe in the same. I don't where but I also read somewhere that we cant concentrate properly for more than 20 minutes.
@rami_alkayyali Yes, I totally agree! But sometimes there are so many tasks that there is no time even to drink some coffee. But in general, of course, you are right. I always try to plan some breaks in advance. Thanks for help!
Qudsia Ali
Taking small breaks helps me stay focused during long hours of work.
Bilal Anwar
I try to eliminate distractions.
Rich Watson
If you can't stay focused remove distractions. If it's tiring then take a break and recoup. It's more efficient to take a break rather than attempting to work on something you can't be concentrated on.
Taking a 10-minute break and a cup of coffee is my best companion for working long. I planned my work in my diary and try to accomplish it within allocated hours.
Toni King
I try to get my busy work and little tasks out of the way before long periods of focus. Once in the groove, I step away from my desk for a few minutes every hour or so.
Akshay T
Pomodoro technique or Zen mode (on my Oneplus device)
Moore Ben
If you have the right person by your side, 80% of you don't need it. I found my joy here run 3. and they gave me the answer so I can find joy every day after stressful working hours.
Biema Christina Banez
I feel the same way, Daria. It's still a struggle for me to work longer hours. Most workers agree that we can only focus an average of 3 to 6 hours daily to give our best output. However, some super-powered people can work loooonger. Maybe it's all about determination, mindset, and willpower. But for me, what helps me are taking breaks, having coffee/matcha for an extra boost, and good background music for focus/productivity. All these will be put to nothing without a good night's rest. Soooo, 7 to 9 hours of sleep is my holy grail.