How do you stay creative on Linkedin?

Debarpita Sen
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Hey all! How do you find content ideas to post on Linkedin in a consistent manner? There are days when I repurpose the content of a blog, did you know posts or blog posts - but then I run out of ideas. It would be really helpful if you could guide me on what works on Linkedin and how it can work as a growth channel for an early-stage startup.


Luka Vasic
As someone who also struggled 2 months ago, I can help. Firstly I made my own CMS in notion and I store all ideas there. These ideas I get through are randomly taught throughout the day, or something I come by that looks cool for a post. Great ways are to follow content creators and save their posts to get inspired, start commenting on LinkedIn and you will find yourself making such comments that can be turned into posts. I also recommend creating templates for your posts, for example in my notion I have about 50 templates, so when I'm out of ideas on how to style my post I just take a theme and plug it into a template. Just keep posting after some time you will stop having this problem and you will be able to create content in minutes. If you need more help hit me up or check some of my posts:
Sachin Kr. Shukla
Might not sound right hearing an advice from who comes from tech background but I try to keep creating content. Keep experimenting. I think if you can think what kind of audience you want then it'll also give you what content to create how to reach them. Hope this makes sense.
Launching soon!
Good writing is mostly hard work and, while Linkedin might not be the source of truly original ideas (although it can be), it can help you improve your writing skills and perhaps make some great business contacts that you never thought possible. You just have to commit to it and be motivated to keep going.
Gurpinder Singh
Try to create a series for your content. For example: Monday Motivation, Tips Tuesday, etc. can help you stick to the series and you have to write down something new every day based on the series. Try this for a month, see what's performing for you and double down on that.
Anna Mandziuk πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦
Competitor research always helps to get some inspiration or ideas. It's important to structure it though, not just look around. I structure mine in a simple Google Sheets doc. Here are a couple of ideas that you could use for LinkedIn and other social media: - Post about your company's case studies (story of how you helped a business, add pictures or clients' quotes about your service) - Post snippets of your clients' feedback, along with videos or illustrations (example: - Polls with relevant questions for your target audience - Don't forget to celebrate! (major holidays, professional holidays, and your company's b-day) - Picture carousels are all the rage right now (talk about your services, relevant statistics, etc.) Lastly, here's an infographic with 20 ideas for SM content that work for a wide variety of businesses: Hope I provided some new ideas:)
Fabian Maume
Quora can be a good source of inspiration. You can check out this article on the topic:
Paul VanZandt
Most of the time I use our blog content as the main source of LinkedIn interactions, but it doesn't drive very much engagement. I'm interested to hear how we can grow this organically! If you're interested, we just launched today and would love your support:
Debarpita Sen
@paul_vanzandt Congratulations on your launch! And yes, repurposing blog content as small PDFs is a good idea to create Linkedin posts. I have done that in the past, and gets us good number of clicks and impressions.
Vaibhav Taneja
Repurposing blogs is a good idea- you can also try to create good listicles posts of your domain that have a better reach also to increase your profile visibility, try to follow good influencers of your niche who are active on LinkedIn and engage on their posts so that your profile can be popped up on others feed as well.