🚀 How do you set yourself up for a successful day?

Natalie Karakina
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8th July – we'll launch InAppStory on PH The last thing to do – be in a good mood Share your tips in the comments


Deman Terry
At present...! Celebrate it with your best friends and family. Congratulations on launching the new app. I look forward to your launch date, July 8th, and don't forget to celebrate with us.
Caique Pereira
A good night of sleep will help too, but kind of hard to get because of the anxiety that launch will bring - meditation is an option.
Gleb Braverman
waking up early and doing some physical exercises is the best you can do to get yourself in a great mood! also, healthy breakfast!
Sofia Polonska
Cool question! I feel like you have to do it the night before - just to have a dialogue with yourself ) have a list of top 3 priorities of the day
Subin Heo
Trying to make one reason to love each day. Working for my startup is absolutely fun and amazing, but sometimes we need this "small" happiness to keep our energy and strength... So today I had a lunch with my mom :)
robiul haque
Create a daily morning ritual, Make sure your first meal of the day is healthy, Make sure your first meal of the day is healthy, Eat clean foods throughout the day, Do the most challenging or important task of the day first, Do the most challenging or important task of the day first and many more.
Laurie Campbell
One of the core things you must do is start a journal. Every week, write down major things that happened to you, changes that occurred in your life physically or mentally. Target Pay and Benefits
Rachel Hayes
One of the best ways that set me up for a successful day is to take a moment of silence in the morning, before you clatter into your day. Taking that time to just feel grounded, centered, and clearheaded prepares you not only for your early moments but also for those inevitable surprises that will come at some point today. The other tried and true method is to create boundaries around your free time.
Vladimir Lastovsky
outdoor breakfast at cafe is the best way to start the day!
Jaskiran Kaur
Congratulations Natalie!!!
Manish Rawat
good luck with the launch, planning my day the night before work for me.
Cica-Laure Mbappé
Hey, good luck with your launch! A good 8 hours of sleep, vitamins and you are good to go :)
Nothing new but still - early rise (5AM-ish), gym, shower, a good breakfast.. I really love my routines :)
Alice Rodgers
Sometimes I do not want to get up in the morning. Still, later I think how incredible my life is (I am surrounded by great people, working at a fantastic company, suitable position, working on a wonderful product, great weather outside, etc.). Then I am more than willing to wake up and live my life. BTW, what I've just realised WHEN YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED WITH YOUR LIFE = YOU DON'T WANT TO WAKE UP(GET UP) O_o Does anybody have similar experience?
Carlo Thissen
We created a dedicated Launch Day Team Channel on Slack where we shared all successes, social posts and ingoing initiatives during the launch. Very important factor: share music! When you can create hype within the team, the team will carry this hype to the outside, too - in essence: have fun 😁
Joseph Abraham
@nataliekarakina, I love the fact that you have already declared and affirmed that the day is going to be successful , couple of days back and it is ... Congrats on the launch! Have a great season 🌟
Raymond Sam
A night of good sleep, my productivity tanks when I'm tired. Something that really made me way more productive: prioritizing the day with 6 things to get done, no more, no less. Sort them by what I want to get done first, build momentum from there. I find that 6 things is the sweet spot for what feels achievable in a day. If I'm really crushing it I'll add more stuff once I'm done everything else, never before.
Ashley Pearson
Red Bull always!
Andrei Codreanu
A cold shower in the morning fills you with the energy that no caffee will do! Highly recommend