How do you reset and refresh?

Dylan Merideth
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Its the weekend, and a lot of us are still grinding. When you do take some time for yourself, how are you recharging for the week ahead?


Maxwell Davis
I try not to work at the weekend at all (even Fridays I try and wind down). I focus on working hard during the weekdays to prevent burnout and to still have a life 🤣
Dylan Merideth
@maxwellcdavis love to hear this, balance and rest leads to high performance
Sean Song
Swimming for sure. It fixed my headache many times.
Dylan Merideth
@seansong I truly wish I could swim more
Dylan Merideth
@seansong is there a dry parallel? As in is there a fringe product idea for something that brings something even comparable to the sensation of swimming. Pullin at strings but I cant afford a pool at the moment
Sean Song
@dylan_merideth I also run (with Nike Run Club).
Luka Vasic
I go out for a 30min walk and leave my phone at home. Refreshes my mind.
Adnyesh Dalpati
Its simple, be a single tasker and not multi tasker !!! When you work just focus on single task When you sleep just sleep When you play just play Don't mix them and you will find heaven in life.
Dylan Merideth
@adnyesh ooo this is underrated, focus is the super power!!
@adnyesh "When you sleep just sleep" - I remembered that I used to fall asleep with music. Ridiculous 🤦🏻‍♀️
Siena Romes
The weekend will be completely for relaxation only. No work at all!
Dylan Merideth
@siena_romes Thats bomb, I hope you had a relaxing weekend. Life is for the living
Nabeel Amir
The key is to disconnect. I usually go for long morning walks on weekends and leave my phone at home to disconnect and get a refresh. Being close to nature enriches me with a new perspective on life and boosts my willpower.
Dylan Merideth
@nabeel_amir Walks are one of the keys to a happy life, IMO. I find it makes my day dreams cathartic, and you could not be more correct about nature. Thank you my friend!