How do you reach wider audience for occasionally used service?

Joseph Yang
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I run a climate/weather API service ( focusing on the needs of data analysts who are looking to combine historical weather data with other data (e.g. building energy use, agricultural yield etc.). At the moment, we host the largest repository of weather data of any weather service providers, with 70+ years of hourly data for any location in the world and 50+ parameters. Finding and working with historical weather data has always been a pain so for those who've experienced this, they really like the service. However, reaching a wider audience has been somewhat challenging and I figure working with historical weather data is not an everyday task. Wondering if there is any suggestion on reaching out to audience for these use cases? Thanks.


Fabian Maume
Hosting some hackathon could be the way to go. Otherwise check your biggest users, and see if their other companies doing what they do.