How do you market your Twitter thread and gain followers?

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Minna Zhang
Twitter is a great platform for brands and influencers to show their influence and express their vision and ideas. The most valuable for these brands and influencers are the number of followers and engagement of their Twitter accounts. But unfortunately, not all the followers are real. There are a lot of spam accounts in Twitter, so you can buy them for a cheap price. But these spam accounts can bring you nothing but fake numbers that don't really matter. So it's important to look for more real and active followers for your brand or influencer account. We would like to introduce our DeNet Giveaway Tool that can help increase Real Followers on your Twitter account: DeNet offers 4 features of Giveaway to meet all perspectives: Referral: Growing your Twitter followers with low budget and encouraging social referrals. Building trust relationships by rewarding users immediately and automatically. Instant: Customizing rewards to increase Twitter followers, engagements, and content conversions by completing tasks requirement. All participants can be rewarded. Lottery: Rewarding the luckiest people with any types of prizes as you wish. Contest: Recognizing the most treasured audiences by making your giveaway as a competition. Support any types of prizes