⁉️ How do you manage your freelance business?

Modest Mitkus
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I do believe there are many freelancers here on PH. I'm really curious how do you manage your freelance business? What apps, tools do you use? From my personal experience, it's really easy to lose productivity and motivation. You have all your client work, personal education, branding, sales and so much more. It's a hustle. How do you deal with that? Do you always feel in control?


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I'm personally using the Notion app for more than 2 years. It really changed my way of doing business. I also recently shared my system (template) here on product hunt using the Notion app. Would love to hear your feedback: Notion Freelancer Pack
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My biggest productivity tools have been Asana, Notion and Slack. All great for managing projects, communicating with clients and keeping track of projects, quotes and Finances.
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Notion is my modus operandi 😄