How do you manage to track any project/product/resolution progress?

Nimish Patel
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Hello PH friends! I always think we are doing great work all time, but I always fail to track the progress. Do you use a goal tracker? Which one and Why? What is your best advice to track it and be more productive? Thanks.


Rich Watson
We use a Discord server for our development, and have a channel where we make messages for each feature or item on our to-do list, where we then create a thread on that message so it can be discussed. Then we archive all the threads, delete the messages from to-do channel- and we have a bot that logs all the threads that have been archived. So we can see how much has gotten done within a week or month
Nimish Patel
@richw Great way you are handling. I think I can learn more from your experience by applying it in my routine. Thanks for sharing.
Grayson Stain
Don't worry. Tracking the project record is a bit tricky. But for checking the progress of my I am using the google doc and google sheet. Which is easy for all of our team members. So give a try to google doc and google sheet. May be you could also get help from it.
Nimish Patel
@grayson_stain Thanks for sharing. Do you have any template for google doc or sheet?
Emily Shi
We use -- they have an analytics homepage, so we get to see numerical what we have accomplished which is good
Pavel Kukhnavets
Have you tried any professional project management tool? Many of them allow for tracking task progress within a project, as well as plan and analyze all your activities. GanttPRO is a good example. The tool based on an user-friendly Gantt chart helps managers and teams to ensure the process of product management runs smoothly and flawlessly: from idea to release. You get an intuitive interface and powerful features. Highly recommended!