How do you learn new skills?

Amey Sadar
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Which way do you feel confident and feel is efficient?


Neri Raanani
In some cases, watching experts first can set your mind in a certain way- preventing you from thinking independently and doing the task yourself. Only by trying on your own can you fail, try again, and succeed. Then, getting good advice from experts or asking for their feedback can be very helpful.
Jakub Piskor
Learning by Doing.
Amey Sadar
@jakub_piskor and how do you follow learning approach?
Jakub Piskor
@amey_sadar I start a project, and by solving problems (in this project) I learn new skills.
Iya Mendoza
I think, it's a given fact that everybody starts by discovering the skills, then watching more tutorials or researching about them. But as the learning progress, so does the need for application. Learn as you apply is the best way to go :) But if you have the opportunity to directly work or apply it firsthand, "try first and then observe experts to improve" is a great tactic too.
Abhishek Maurya
1) write code 2) get the issue 3) learn and fix it 4) repeat
Nicole Ogloza
In a perfect world, having a mentor that can teach you about things from the beginning would be the best, but that's not always possible. In my own experience, i just threw myself into things. I came from a sales background, and went into a systems engineer/deployment consultant as my next job. Granted the risk was that people would figure out I didn't have technical skills, but throwing yourself into things puts you under a good pressure to achieve things you didn't know that were possible!
Amey Sadar
@nicole_ogloza True. A lot of times just throwing yourself works. You just need persistence in such cases.
Nicole Ogloza
@amey_sadar in my case, yes, and a lot of calculated risks, but totally!! :)
I throw myself in a new environment and claim: go! It works. Every time it really works. It is very hard, annoyng, but it is the only way to to something really good.
Vaibhav Taneja
Will go with the 3rd option. I learn new skills by watching expert videos on youtube.
Geetanjali Shrivastava
A hands-on approach in which you test the waters and paddle around a bit, before seeking tips to improve definitely works best.
Emir Nixon
I learn new skill by observing first then try it practically. Like now in the last two months I studied about website designing and blogging and in this month I have started my first project . And now working on it with the same time I am also improving and study about the blogging
Faizaan Shaikh
We learn best when we perform the tasks we’re trying to learn.