How do you keep your mind sharp and focused during the work week

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constantly working can inevitably waver our focus and lead to reduced output. Do you have any tips/tricks which can help to prevent or overcome such issues during the work week


Tim Heijn
Recenty I started drinking more tea and less coffee. Works like a charm so far!
Justine Hanna
I try and incorporate something fun into my days. Wordle has been a good one, and this is what Spark'n ⚡ is all about too which is nice. Enjoying a 15 min Spark as part of a regular team meeting makes the day way more fun and changes it up enough to keep the mind fresh 🙌
Sounds like a great idea @justine_hanna . Everyone's work life could benefit from a little 'Spark'n' 😀
Marko Rakic
I'm far from productivity expert, but having separate space when you'll work really helps. Especially if you are working remotely.
Good point @marko_rakic2 . The separation of environments could automatically help the mind switch to a more focused mode while working.
Iya Mendoza
@marko_rakic2 I totally agree. It's really bad to put your office or working station right beside your bed haha
Igor Lushkin
I try to load myself up with work, as soon as I realize that I have time to do everything, my productivity drops. If I have a lot of work, I work full time, maybe I'm a workaholic? :))
I know what you mean @igor_lushkin . It's often like a loop . But i'm guessing that in the long-run, being a workaholic may not be the best option. I suppose, just because there is a gap in your schedule, you don't necessarily need to fill it up with something. Some gaps should maybe be left in place to act as buffers, to ease the stress
Igor Lushkin
@notanothervivek I agree with you, you need rest... but when you're going for your dream, you have a startup and a team of developers behind you, I can't rest...
I understand @igor_lushkin . I'm also actually kinda guilty of the same. It's like we all know that 'ideally' we need rest and a balanced work style, but 'practically', it is often really close to impossible to do so for founders .
Aneeq Naeem
I take regular breaks to play some games.
Naresh Parimi
Try to take 10 min break every hour and make sure to love your work to maintain focus. If you're not loving your work it is difficult to focus your mind. If possible, take a 30-40 min deep nap between your work day.
That's a great point @sai_naresh_p . Doing something you love would automatically induce more attention and focus, plus it will simultaneously act as an escape from other stresses in life.
Qudsia Ali
For me, a relaxed and fun weekend is a great way to start my productive and focused week. Short breaks, games, and my favorite lunch also motivate me to focus on the work.
Nice one @qudsia_ali . Good food is a really powerful element, and it can sometimes instantly switch one's mood. It is certainly a point that we tend to overlook. Like you said, a good weekend can be a great way to let out all the built up stress and start the week fresh.
Tanya Kapoor
Hi @notanothervivek For me, it's Coffee. What about you?
@tanya_kapoor For me it's a 4 way tie between coffee-tea-music-chocolates 😁 Thanks for asking Tanya
Nik Hazell
Exercise (to exhaust me) and coffee (to bring me back to life)!
It's like you are your own Frankenstein and Frankenstein's monster @nik_hazell , draining and charging your body as per needs 😁 jk . Good point. Some folks i know have the habit of doing a few jumping jacks every 45mins or so when they work. The boost in circulation also helps to fight sleepiness and reset.
Fabian Maume
Drink Maté. Physically walk between the office and home to shift your mind. Plan low-focus tasks in the middle of your day (for example check product hunt discussions). Play board games.
Good one @fabian_maume . Planning tasks based on the level of focus needed could by itself be a nice way to spread out the intensity of attention needed, thereby reducing fatigue. Like you said, a mini mid-day break for your focus could be really helpful.
Is weed an acceptable answer...?
Ta Wei
I update the priority tasks and did it. I think working on priority is essential to make the best output.
ya @colevels , like you said, properly prioritizing tasks before jumping into working can hopefully mitigate a lot of potential stresses later on.
Bhavna Singh
@vivek I have recently incorporated this activity in my working hours to keep myself engaged and more focused I usually try solving some Sudoku and rubik cube. This have really helped me in keeping my mind sharp as well as relaxed at the same time.
That's a nice one @bhav_singh . The short change of focus onto logical solution finding not just gives the rest of mind a well needed distraction, but is also simultaneously good in general to keep the mind sharp I suppose. It's a nice two birds with one stone type of solution.
Aqsa Sajjad
I eat food that gives me energy and listens to a Lil music to concentrate on my work.
Amelia Charlie
I take short breaks and play foosball to keep my mind focused during work. Although I'm not a good player ;) but still, I love to play.
that's a fun one @amelia_charlie . Being good or not doesn't matter as much as whether you are having fun or not 😀
By having a good night sleep. If you're living with your better half, sleep in separate bedrooms during work week and have your last meal six hours before you hit the sack for high quality sleep. At least for me this really helped. Got these tips from a therapist.
that's a really underrated one @maen_haq . Adequate sound sleep is often the solution to a lot of well-being related issues. Unfortunately, it is often the first thing we tend to sacrifice when we work.
Nabeel Amir
You can find your focus by sitting quietly for a short while, listening to some soothing music, and focusing on your breathing. You'll return to work more composed and resistant to bad feelings, demands, and pressures.
Good suggestion @nabeel_amir . A bit of lightweight meditation and deep breathing can often do wonders, especially when you feel things are going out of control.
Yulia Butovchenko 🇺🇦
I just set great goals and they motivate me to work focused
John Smith
I drink coffee. A lot of coffee.