How do you keep your meeting notes organised?

Paul Boudet
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Hey guys, for key notes and action items coming out of meetings, how do you keep that information organised to 1) make sure nothing falls through the cracks 2) easily find it later. Do you have different systems depending on the type of meetings? or on the type of information (transient info valid for a week vs key knowledge to remember)?


Steven Hodgson
If I am using a physical notepad, I draw an upside-down T to divide the page into three parts. Top-left is actions I need to do, top-right is things that others will do (and I may need to chase up), and the bottom is for other notes. Nice and simple, but I need to go back at the end of the week and consolidate everything that's missing. Now, I am using Meetric - a tool we built to help ourselves manage this exact problem. We are launching on Product Hunt today!
Chandan Das
Noted at paper and then save at Drive with proper date
Paul Boudet
@chandan_shopify Do you re-write them into a document or you just take a picture?
Paul Boudet
@chandan_shopify Got it. And not changing to a digital format (eg Google Doc) from the start, is it because you built a strong habit with note and paper or you should like the pen & paper experience more than anything?
Gleb Braverman
I am using a physical notepad as much as possible, cause it works much better for me - there's a lot of freedom in how you express your thoughts visually. That also kinda solves the organising problem for me - I can basically do it the way I want✌🏻
Paul Boudet
@gleb_braverman Nice one Gleb. There is something irreplaceable with a physical pad indeed. How do you manage important knowledge coming out meetings that you need to store or easily remember later? I imagine it'll be hard to find it later once you've used a few notepads...
Gleb Braverman
@paul_henri_boudet great question! I try to go over my notes later the same day and just add all relevant info to Notion (we use it at Gossip). Works great so far!
Natalie Karakina
I keep everything on Telegram, then move only important things to Notion
Paul Boudet
@nataliekarakina Telegram the messaging app? How do you make it work for meeting notes?
Alice Rodgers
@nataliekarakina @paul_henri_boudet you can use saved (like messages with yourself as notes), viber also have this function
Paul Boudet
@fredericmelanson1 Nice! How about key knowledge coming out of meetings eg. strategic changes? Does it go somewhere else?
Cheryl Mack
This has been a game changer for me in meetings! My honest answer is that now I use Meetric to keep my notes organised. I used to use a combination of google docs, just typing in a new email and sending it to myself, and a physical notebook. Physical notebook isn't really viable anymore because I can't not be looking at the camera for a whole conversation. And email was good but not super trackable for later and clogs up my inbox.
Sam Curran
Well, In this scenario I would suggest MOM ( Minutes of Meeting) this can also be organized physically or I would suggest to develop your SAAS product if you are software development company. See, I know its challenging but if you will develop your own Web Application for tracking meeting notes through AI-based technology.
Paul Boudet
How do you do it for your own meetings @samcurran ? What methods/tools are you using?
Pragati Verma
👋 Hey everyone! I have something interesting to share as we're discussing about effortless minutes of meeting creation and management tools. Presenting StandNote - your easy-to-use online meeting assistant that backs you up with automated meeting minutes in every conversation, helps save time such that you just focus on the conversation and never miss what’s important. Give it a try here - Find the necessary details here: We'll be launching this product on ProductHunt really soon with some awesome UI/UX updates!
Paul Boudet
That's great @pragati_verma but this thread is about understanding your actual structure method :D - would you like to share how you do it yourself?
Nik Hazell
Does "I write things down in one long list, assume I'll remember the context, then forget and lose them all" count as a strategy?
Sofia Polonska
My favorite way is good old paper) but afterwards i do short protocol with main tasks and insights and send it to the team)
Lisa Dziuba
*guys and girls*, please :) I used Confluence page with all meeting notes. In our space I created Meeting Notes template and process to put them in.