How do you keep close with initial users?

Gio Kakhiani
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I have soft-launched a timeline builder app. About 20 people signed up but 5 of them have really added the content and seem to wanna use it. Do I reach out to them 1-on-1? I was thinking creating a group would be smart but extra pain for all of us... How do you keep in touch with initial users?


André Weller
I do often talk with them in Twitter DMs and well, a discord does magic. I rather find it difficult to get a hold of them, to begin with, as I don't track my users and don't really push them in any direction. I think it is important to have a place where the community can gather and kinda manage itself.
Lidia Vijga
If these are your very first early adopters, I'd send personal notes to all the 20 people and ask if they want to hop on the call. You can also create a private discord or slack channel if you are planning on building in public together with your users.
Jonathan Garreis
We have created a SLACK group with our first 100 users and offer a group call once a week with