How do you integrate AI into your daily workflow? Share your tips and experiences!

Manan Gupta
8 replies
Hey Product Hunters! 👋 With the launch of SUPERGPT, we're bringing powerful AI capabilities directly into Google Sheets. We know AI is revolutionizing workflows, but we want to hear from you: How do you integrate AI into your daily workflow? Share your experiences, tools, and best practices below. Let's learn from each other and make AI work for us!


Abhinav Das
I'm using a quick shortcut (^ + Space) with Raycast + Ask ChatGPT. It's the fastest way to get ad-hoc answers to everyday things.
Jordan J. Dominguez
@superabhinav I have Raycast installed but haven't dove too deep into it - how do you integrate GPT directly with it?
Abhinav Das
@superabhinav @jordan_dominguez Try installing the OpenAI extension from the Raycast store which is massive and assign a shortcut to it.
Louis Potter
I am a product manager, so I often use ChatGPT to help me with brainstorming, writing research questionnaires, and drafting product tracking points.
Gurkaran Singh
Integrating AI into my workflow is like having a digital sidekick that crunches data faster than I can say "spreadsheet wizardry!" It's all about letting the machines do what they do best, right? How do you make AI work its magic in your daily tasks? Let's swap tips!
Finn Atticus Harrington
I've been using ChatGPT to help automate parts of my workflow, like generating first drafts of emails and documents. Saves a ton of time! I'm also experimenting with using Claude for data analysis tasks in spreadsheets. The key is figuring out the right prompts to get useful outputs. Would love to hear other tips and tools people are using to integrate AI into their day-to-day work.
Guilherme Moreira
As an introvert, many times I find myself lost with social clues and not knowing what to say. As I work home office, I could use some help from an AI tool to respond to Slack chats and be more social.