How do you imagine the future of your workspace?

flo merian
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Pre-pandemic, the office was the place where people could get work done for most businesses. After months of working remotely, we've learned that most tasks are accomplished, and most meetings go just fine without the office. Now post-pandemic, what's your point of view? Do you plan to go back to the office like before, go permanently remote-first like Quora, or else?


Chandan Das
Remote-first. From now on, every co-worker work from anywhere.
Definitely Hybrid ! it's a challenge (best of both worlds always means a mess 😅) but we think that's the way to go. It would ideally include hubs in specific places with a capacity to host people to work and then team get togethers (1/ month drinks for those in town and 2 per year offsite with the team)