How do you get your new blog off the ground to Google ranking?

Ukeme James
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Hi I'm starting a new WordPress blog, how do I make indexed on Google as soon as possible?


Alexey Shashkov
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That's a good question, Ukeme. I'm curious to know that too=)
Pablo Palmitas
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Three things: 1) consistency - getting up takes time and constant content flow 2) quality - nobody needs and nobody consumes bad content. When the content is "consumed" Google algorithms see that and push it forward 3) SEO - super super important. Everything on your blog should be adapted to SEO standards. Use plugins like Yoast or SEOPress for that hope it helps
Miriam Barchilon
Find low competition KWs and write about the topics you find. The Search Volume can be lower but you will be able to start getting some traffic to your new blog.
David Abaev
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Interesting - following also I've seen a few start on Medium to help with discovery and then try to port those readers over to your independent blog, but I'm no expert so take this with a grain of salt :)
Jaskirat Singh
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There are some content comparison and content optimization tools out there that basically compare your content against other top ranking pages and give you some guidance on what your coverage should look like for a chance at top rank. They work based on the keyword and search intent that you will provide and can be quite useful and time saving.
Mavlonbek Muratov
Write excessively on topics that your target audience interested in and promote it.
Jakub Piskor
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I would recommend to try "keyword golden ratio" for discovering underserved keywords. When you find them, write articles focusing on these keywords and you can get Google's top positions within few days, sometimes hours. Also, I would focus to get backlinks for your articles which will improve your site rating.
Atul Ghorpade
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Use Google Search Console. Very simple. If you need help, DM me on Twitter.
Alina Ihnatiuk
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I did an interview with an SEO expert recently and learned a few important concepts that I did not know: 1- Pick one Keyword per page SEO keywords are the words and phrases in your website that make it possible for people to find your content via search engines. You should define one keyword per page and use them in your h1 tags. Let’s say you have a Twitter analytics tool, your home page keyword could be Twitter. However, the product page would have different keywords like analytics or dashboard. 2- The importance of backlinks A backlink is a link created when one website links to another. For Google to see you as an authority in your topic is crucial that websites in the same field link to your content. A simple way to achieve this is by adding content in the so-called “foundational websites” that allowed you to create backlinks (indie hackers is one of them but Twitter is not). 3- Use on-page optimization tools These page optimization tools point out many improvement areas in your page that will help you rank better. This includes: metatags, page speed, load speed, images, etc… Here is the full chat if you are interested:
Maxwell Davis
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@tiagorbf I believe this was with @roberto_robles ;)
Roberto Robles
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@tiagorbf @maxwellcdavis awesome breakdown 👌
Karolina Slovcovaite
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@tiagorbf Maybe you have an invite to indie hackers?
Lucian Apostol
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You need to establish a good online presence in the field you are writing about. If you engage and talk with folks like you on social media platforms, forums, and other websites, it will be much easier for your blog to take off, because those people who follow you on those platforms, will read your content, assuming they are interested in what you are writing.