How do you get back to work after a long vacation?

Sveta Bay
35 replies
Working after Vacation is 10X harder. Do you have any tips on how to be productive after vacations?


Rajiv Verma
Most of the time, I am really looking forward to working. Just like my last holiday that ended yesterday :)
Rich Watson
At first it might be a struggle to get back in the groove, but isn't a big issue and I can find that flow within first few days of being back..
Gaurav Goyal
For me, I am craving to go back home and work towards the fag end of the vacation trip :)
Hey Sveta! I was just writing about it! It will be posted on Friday :) WOW! But I can share 3 tips: 1 - Accept the fact your vacation is over; 2 - Start off by organizing your agenda - a priority list; 3- Focus on the positive Check our LinkedIn page out -We always have nice HR content! :)
David Tedaldi
@ingrid_azeredo Love your tactic @ingrid_azeredo! I think points 1. and 3. are particularly important, also cause they are a bit less pragmatic, I think people may look over them. Actually, I share your view, those are critical!
Martin Gulp
You should know that there is no other option for you.
Ivan Ralic
I don't go to vacations 😂 This is horrible, this is not an advice, don't do this 😂
Sveta Bay
@ralic oh no, this is a nightmare to me! Is there any reason?
Ivan Ralic
@basv I can give you 100s of excuses, but they are all excuses and nothing else. I've been an Entrepreneur for the past 10 years. I work a lot, but I don't often find time for myself. When it comes to businesses the dates are always set in stone. But when it comes to my personal life, there's always the "next month" 😑 But I'm working on it, I promise 😅
Aaron O'Leary
I tend to just ease it into day by day, so first day take note of everything that has gone on without me and begin to catch up, second day start back into projects etc
Sveta Bay
@aaronoleary that's a good plan! Sounds way more better than rushing and trying to do all the tasks on the 1st day 😅
Gleb Slonimskiy
step by step)) in slow mo))
Jose anthony
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Amelia Goodman
slowly! take your time getting back into it; don't dive in headfirst to your sea of 1000 emails. do a little at a time, set a timer to give yourself breaks, and give yourself a treat after any big accomplished task
Will Veazey
I have found it to be more productive and many times easier. To not only plan a vacation but also plan an early return to home base. When that is not possible then there is good old Plan B.... First, take care of emergency work needing immediate attention and response. Keep the most important boss, customer, client, happy and things usually work out better. (But Not Always) Second, after accomplishing the above. Then, organize all what is left-over by priority on a note pad. And scratch them off when completed. Third, the above provided a way for me to see things being accomplished. As each day the list stopped growing and started to shrink down. It is just a mind thing but it worked for me, maybe it will for you too!
Vimal Venu
Well, every time I come back, I usually feel low. All I do is try to eat good healthy food and go out of the house to a coffee shop. Somehow this brings back the flow in a few days..
Sakshi Gahlawat
You have no other choice but to accept the reality :)
David Tedaldi
Are they so much harder though? I guess it also depends on how long the vacation is! To me, right now, 1 week feels like ages, but in a past life 3 weeks was a short one :D Jokes aside, my number one trick is making the come-back days custom to the special situation I am in as I integrate back into my routine. As the CEO of a fast-growing startup if I go missing for a long vacation (1 week) I got two things that are top of mind: - The team: progress made and blockers - The emails: a tsunami of follow-ups to do usually If my usual routine I save specific, very circumscribed slots for emails, and work with the team is ongoing with regular meetings and some ad hoc ones. This won't ever work after a week out. So the first 2 days I make sure to be still on holiday for the outer world while I spend large chunks of time with the team catching up and working together, then I spend some time on emails. BTW, I do team first, emails second. So many things will be so much clearer going through email after having discussed them with the team. This is just my setup, nothing too useful nor inspiring for most I guess. My point is just, treat those special days for what they are, not ordinary days. Create an ad-hoc schedule for those. What do you think about this @basv? What tricks did/didn't work for you in the past?
Abraham Samma
Obviously you'd have to first begin updating yourself with what happened while you were gone. For documentation first companies, that's usually easy. Otherwise, you'd have to buddy up with someone who can give you that information precisely as possible. Honestly, departments, teams and companies should have daily internal digests for exactly this. Checking out one's email inbox simply isn't enough.
Valencia Town
As for me - just at the end of vacation, you need to slowly get into the swing of things, otherwise there is no way...
I would start by readjusting my sleep pattern couple of days before return to work. That would be my biggest struggle as I am night owl naturally. The rest picks up very quickly.
Tommy Cooper
It's hard to get back to work after a vacation. It's a shame you can't take a week off from your vacation:)
Shivam Thiagarajan
If you truly enjoyed your vacation, you'll definitely look forward to getting back to work as you're completely recharged.
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