How do you generate content ideas?

Michał Jońca
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Hi makers! Long time no see, I was so busy last weeks... And that is fine! As everyone knows content marketing is super useful and I wonder how do you generate content ideas? Let's inspire each other!


Fabian Maume
Well I might be biased but Quora is a nice place to get content idea. If people are asking about something it might be a blog article topic. A big part of the features I'm building at QApop are to leverage Quora for content ideas generation.
Maya Ben Zid
I call my brainstorming partner, go on reddit/9GAG/Twitter. It's always a great idea to do it with someone else so you can get more inspo!
Chandan Das
Reddit,twitter,quora,buzzsumo,google news
Zach Wright
I would start by identifying what you are uniquely qualified to speak about. What is your niche or expertise? Then apply this to relevant trends in the broader industry, current events, etc. Example: I work at a company building an app to help people enhance their focus throughout the day. Most of the team are neuroscience PhD's and we're funded by the NIH. So, there's our niche. Now we'd look to identify relevant consumer/industry trends and generate content around those themes. Hope that helps!
monika gonzalez
Brainstorming!! Magic happens every time with brainstorming
Alexa Vovchenko
I found a website called AnswerThePublic. You type a keyword in there and their search analyses what people are looking for in this field.
Fermin Ashford
If people are asking about it its worth writing about. Plus you get to see a different perspective from what you would have.
Quora, Reddit, Ahrefs if you already have keywords in mind + competitors research :)
Maciej Stachowicz
Chat GPT to get broad idea of what to write/post about, than you need to filter it and add nice twist of your brand voice