How do you find your new project's name, domain, and logo?

🚀 David Sipos 🚀
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In every new project one of the biggest headaches for me to find a great name with a free domain name and then create a new logo. I usually go to namelix but most of the .com domain is already taken. What's your way to do this?


Ilia Pikulev
You can always try various top level domain names, like .io ( or .us (, etc. There are heaps of options :) Also, you can add get at the beginning (, or app at the end (, etc. With these additions, the naming with the trivial words becomes easier :)
Lauren Proctor
One of my favorite solutions for finding .com domains is I then look my finds up in to see the availability of social media usernames.
Peter Hagen
Do you have something against using more unique domain extensions like .dev, .cloud, .inc etc?