How do you find who from your LinkedIn connections is active on PH?

Nikola Cvetkovic
2 replies
As part of our launch campaign we wanted to let our LinkedIn connections know what we are up to, but finding out who has PH account turned out to be a tedious task. I couldn't find any service that could do this. Let me know in the comments would you use such a tool as part of your PH launch campaign?


Fabian Maume
It is quite hard to match data between product hunt and LinkedIn. It is actually easier to go from product hunt to LinkedIn: get a list of people who upvoted similar result and use it for LinkedIn outreach. When it comes to drive your LinkedIn connections to product hunt the best is just to write a LinkedIn post linking to your PH launch.
Nikola Cvetkovic
Thanks! I thought like matching them based on PH username, most people have first and last name there. The tool would give you 3 educated guesses based on that. Of course LinkedIn post would do the job, but sending them DM would likely increase the chances for them to engage.