How do you find the right co-founder?

Danielle Linn
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A startup studio in San Diego, called Launch Factory, is looking for founders to lead four companies it’s starting in 2021. Founders receive two-thirds of the equity and have full control of their new company. Launch Factory provides $300k seed capital, advisors, incubation, and more. How would you go about finding the right co-founder given this opportunity to work with a startup studio?


Alexa Vovchenko
I'd choose someone who I can trust, who shares the passion to the project, who is ready to push their money into the startup (even if not needed).
Promise Emeka
Having a founder who understands your dream and becomes obsessively passionate about it, is a good fit. Believing and trusting in the idea is a very important point to stand a chance of success. Not exactly a guy with more degrees than a thermometer.