How do you figure out what you want to become an expert in

Zoya Matin
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Honestly, there's so much to learn. I don't know how to choose!


I pursue what's most interesting for me. Also I consider if there will be a growing demand for it in the future.
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@zdanovi This is what I've also done over the years
Waqar Wasti
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Unsure if I have any other than trial and error I found that trying a lot of new things out helped. But, the key was being willing to drop them quickly and move on if they didn't suit me
Stefan Morris
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Let the passage of time guide you. This is something I don't think a lot of people are aware of, but time is a valuable tool. Stay active in the things that interest you and over time, some of those things will drop off as you de-prioritize them. The key thing is to be patient and allow things to organically run their course.