How do you feel about current restaurant exploration apps?

Mark Sherer
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How do you guys feel about the current apps that can be used to find places to eat (Yelp, Tripadvisor, Insta, etc)? Do you think they provide a good experience for finding that new restaurant to try out on Friday night? I've been a bit frustrated with experience around these apps. Feels like I'm spending way too long looking for places and always taking a big guess. I've been thinking about working on an app that improves that experience by making restaurant exploration more community oriented (what do my friends recommend? what does this chef recommend?) and including better restaurant "stories" (similar to Insta stories, but more specific to food/menus). Basically creating something more tailored to restaurant discovery that can give you a better "taste" of each restaurant. I was thinking about this because it's something I'd personally like, but not sure if it'd be useful to anyone else or I'm just being too particular.


Marketing Executive at Tira
I was going to come to this discussion to say "yeah, Tripadvisor is just fine" but when you elaborated on things you'd like to add to a product yourself, I realised that they would add a whole new level to the restaurant exploration experience. Having chef recommendations and "stories" would really add a personal touch and I'd love to use something like that! Great idea :)