How do you enrich your paid content to make it more engaging?

Onur Oz
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Hey everybody, I am interested in building products that works as a medium to present content for training professionals, content-creators, and story-tellers. Now I am searching for alternative ways to make paid-content engaging for the audience, especially for the subscription-based email deliveries. If you are offering your content through a monetization platform, like Substack, or getting paid through Patreon, Buy me a coffee, etc., how do you track your content's engagement performance and what do you to improve it to build stronger connection with your audience? Thanks for all great comments!


Aryan Khan
Building Acaree
Hi, for me, it's all about the personal touch, the feeling of being closer to somebody/something and the top-notch value. Like for example, somebody buys me a coffee, I'd want to get to know them better, understand them and possibly help them. If that makes sense.