How do you engage your users in your product development?

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It's so difficult to reach your users and get honest feedbacks. I'd love to know how do you get insights from your users. My process: Try to add my champions on slack Push in-app feedback campaigns Let them try our prototypes or new design in-app


Hemant Warier
There are a few ways to engage users in product development. One way is to have them participate in user research studies, such as interviews or focus groups. This gives you feedback on what they like and don't like about the product, what features they would like to see added, and how they think the product could be improved. You can also survey users to get feedback on their experiences with the product and their satisfaction levels.
@hemantwarier thx for your reply 🙌! On which channel do you reach them?
Ebba Cronqvist
@hemantwarier I second this! I found that many people, if they're experiening the problem you're trying to solve, will be very helpful. Although I'd recommend to always complement user feedback with data. If you're early stage I can really recommend reaching out to new people to ask to have a 15 min interviews to understand their problems better (not even showing off the solution) We're doing this through LinkedIn with Product Managers rn and it has, in two weeks, taken us a looong way already, in terms of getting people excited about our product (even if we didn't mean to show it off). understanding the problem better (and what features to build based of off that) as well as generating presales (fun bonus we didn't expect)
Junior Owolabi
I do in-app Customer Interviews, Moderated and Unmoderated research studies (like Prototype testing, live/retroactive Observations, etc), with my own platform
Amanda Trincher
When we developed business products with we also used research and focus groups to better how users interact with our products. This can help you find major issues during the testing phase.
john wick
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