How do you do your SEO research?

Davor Kolenc
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Using any apps, AIs or other helpful things or nothing? How do you approach researching SEO and developing your SEO strategy?


Alejandra Cienfuegos
@philipp_stelzel have pretty great assets related to SEO
David Babins
Definitely! ... Dig around deep into the archives throughout Product Hunt... In fact, further development into all the past discussions, Brainstorming a mix of fresh new product ideas are just waiting to be Re-Created into many different directions, resources etc... :) FYI... ​
Philipp Stelzel
I am mostly using Ahrefs for my research. I am starting mostly with an analysis of the niche and competitors, weaknesses of their websites, lacking keywords etc
Brittany Joiner {Britt the Builder}
Ahrefs is a good tool - you can get a 7 day trial for like $10 or something and do a lot of preliminary research when you're starting out that will keep you going for a while.
Iya Mendoza
Heya! As an SEO Specialist, I always stress the importance of making use of Google Search Console and Google Analytics to check the metrics from time-to-time. From here, you can see where the traffic is coming from, the countries they are located, conversion rate, clicks and even impressions. But then, if you have the budget for it (or at least set aside some budget), opt for SEO tools like Ahrefs (on-page - keyword research, top pages, top competitors, etc) and SEMRush (off-page - competitor analysis, linbuilding strategies).
Lisa Murphy
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