How do you create product demo/intro videos?

Rupjyoti Nath
3 replies
Hi Everyone, I wanted some advice on how to create good & compelling product demo videos for launch. I have seen awesome demo videos, here in ProductHunt. What are some good websites/products to use ?


Johannes Grenzemann
CEO & Co-Founder Infinity Maps
Hey Rupyoti, in my opinion (and we recently launched and got lots of love for our launch movie), the tool is not important. Its the idea/the concept that matters. There you need to be able to achieve a couple of things: - Who is it for - Whats the usecase - Where am I different - AND give it a soul. Find your own style and in bestcase try to entertain your customers. Boring is easy. But finding an emotional hook raises the chances that someone will remember you.
Rupjyoti Nath
Software Developer
@jgrenzemann Thank you so much for your opinion. It will really help me.
Pablo Fatas
Head of Community @SigmaOS 🐢
Johannes gave you good tips on the content but from a more practical side, one thing you can do is record the video with no audio but with a script in mind and then do the audio over it. Means you can do as many takes as you want and you only have to focus on speaking and not navigating at the same time.