How do you connect remotely to a team?

Nabeel Amir
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Zifa Sadriyeva
Via MS Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom. Ms Teams is good because it records everything in one place. Have a go at our insightful poll about profit margins to understand PayBull income-based pricing software for profit maximisation:
Nabeel Amir
@paybull9 Thank you for your sharing, I will go through your poll.
Via Verticalls or Teams the most of the time!
Nabeel Amir
@enola_vedovotto Maybe I'll give a try to Verticalls too someday
@nabeel_amir If you want there is a free trial for Verticalls ;)
Dapeng Ni
I have a virtual team and we connect mostly through Slack.
Nabeel Amir
@dapeng_ni I agree, Slack is really a famous platform because of its amazing features.
Manab Boruah
@dapeng_ni Does Slack have a meeting platform like Zoom, MS Teams, or Google Meet?
Dovile Miseviciute
Slack, MS Teams, and our project management solution. We have managed to reduce the live meetings to a minimum which is great for productivity and instead gather for social occasions once in a while.
Nabeel Amir
@garbanea Social gathering is indeed a good thing. I appreciate your efforts.
Shalin Doshi
@garbanea my question would be how much duration are you on calls? And how much is the actual time gone into working?
Daniel Lee
via Mareel VPN (business account). Any member of a team can access company assets like servers, slack, drives, etc. by the virtual network. The VPN encryption already takes care of the security measures.
Nabeel Amir
@empo Well, quite debatable.
Marina Đurić
We primarily use Slack for written communication and Google Meet for virtual meetings. As for Slack, we have lots of functional channels, but we also have a #fun channel where we add memes, tips, music, or some fun stories. It's crucial that if the convo dies down, the chat leader makes a comeback or the channel key holder. For Google Meet, we have smaller meetings for our growth team daily as well as a whole team meeting weekly. These are half an hour-long calls that help us track where everyone is at, it helps balance out the remote feeling.
Nabeel Amir
@marina_djuric Now it is something that must be appreciated. Fun activities are one of those things that organizations usually look down upon. Creating a friendly environment with your employees is more important than ever these days.
Marina Đurić
@nabeel_amir Couldn't agree more! It's often overlooked as fun is not the primary goal. The sooner we realise that this balance needs to exist, we will create better functioning teams that love to be a part of such companies, don't you think?
Nabeel Amir
@marina_djuric Yes, you are absolutely right! :)
Ryan Tando 💡
Been working full remotely since 2018. Usually, use slack for communication, project management can be jira/notion/asana and google meet/slack huddle for calls. - Standup through either through chat / call with teams - Online fun activities (games with random teams from other dept_ - 1 on 1 session - Company engagement where all It's my opinion but I think turning on camera on remote work do make people feel closer
Nabeel Amir
@distartin Good to know that you are utilizing some of the best communication platforms. Also, I do agree with your opinion of having a video chat so that everyone should feel more engaged.
15 minutes daily catch up. Each person mentioned 3 key points: - What they worked on - The challenges - What they will be working on that day
Nabeel Amir
@jessie_m Pleased to learn it. Daily stand up meet is critical for smooth flow of work.
Altamash Brag
Every morning, our team has a 15-minute video chat to say hello and socialize for a few minutes, rather than discussing what they're working on.
Altamash Brag
@shreya_r_nambiar Exactly. A really impressive step taken..
Nabeel Amir
@almas_mano1 That is quite impressive. I appreciate this initiative.
Shreya R Nambiar
Slack for huddles and internal communication. Zoom for meetings.
Nabeel Amir
@shreya_r_nambiar Zoom has become really popular in past few years.
Alex gleen
All the teams in our organization hold video meetings on a weekly basis and attendance are compulsory for every employee.
Peter agar
We use the most popular instant messaging tool ‘slack’.
Nabeel Amir
@peter_agar Yes, no doubt in it. Slack is among the best communication tools available today.
We spend a lot of time contemplating the concept of recognition. When outstanding work is visible, we believe it keeps everyone informed and inspired, and it helps people understand why their contributions are important.
Nabeel Amir
@zeeshan121 Employee recognition is really very important whether you are working remotely or sitting in an office.
Adriel Cruz
Via Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, Slack most of the time
Ray Hughes
My team uses slack and meet exclusively. It has been working pretty well for us!
Ray Hughes
@nabeel_amir Ty. My team is fully remote across several time zones. It wouldn't work any other way!
Rucha Joshi
Feeling connected with the team and building culture remotely are pretty challenging. Great communication and conversations are often key. We use Slack and Zoom for work related things. And we also use our own product - Thursday - to connect casually with each other, play some games or even brainstorm.
Nabeel Amir
@rucha_joshi8 Nice to learn that you have designed your own product with such impressive features.
Inam from Outgrow
Google chat, It is good because it records everything in one place.
Vaibhav Taneja
Through google meet & zoom for video calls and google chat for written communications.
Building strong connections is a key part of building a strong business. Here's how to make your remote work team feel more connected. 1. Keep an open line of communication. 2. Provide honest, frequent feedback. 3. Use collaboration tools. 4. Hold weekly video meetings. 5.One Cognizant
Nabeel Amir
@indigocardtips Thanks for your kind suggestions
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