How do you collect feedback on the product you're making?

Misha Krunic
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Basically, the title says it all. I'm currently developing a bot protection testing tool - - and I'm trying to gather feedback on the tool's functionality, usefulness, user experience, and everything else that the users feel is important to mention. In the stage that we're currently in feedback is crucial, so please recommend some ways that you incentivize users to provide feedback and how do you collect it?


Bogomil Shopov - Bogo
In short: - Create a fedback plan with what groups you want to reach out and how to do that. For example: 1) If the users are really fans of the product you don't need to incentivize them. Do you have a way on your website where you could point your customers to give feedback? 2) You could organize a Calendly sessions with your team and anyone interested to be able to book time with your team. 3) If you have paid customers - you can do something special and offer them to hear their voice and the opportunity to shape your product the way they would need - some of the companies would say yes
Misha Krunic
@bogomep Thank you for the tips! Currently we have no paid users for BotMeNot, as it's still in beta. Hopefully things change once we launch!
Lukas Böhler
Hey Misha, just saw your post :) Cool tool that you are building - looks promising! We launched Gleap on PH a few weeks ago. Gleap is a customer feedback & bug reporting tool that allows you to create surveys, have users report bugs (with lot's of additional info automatically collected for your devs) & manage feature requests. Adding Gleap usually takes only a couple of minutes :) Let me know if you need help in getting started. Happy to assist! BTW: we do also have a startup program that cut's prices into half for the first year :)
Misha Krunic
@lukas_bohler Hey! Thanks for checking it out! I've taken a look at Gleap, looks very useful!
Lukas Böhler
@price2spy Happy to help in case you have any questions :) Have a great day! 🎉
Saqib Ali
If you have a big team, do a pilot run internally and see what they have to say about it.
Misha Krunic
@saqib301 That's a pretty solid idea, thanks for sharing!
Gaive Glodenyte
Research study sounds like the way to go!
Dan Cleary
Hey Misha, Feel free to try out my tool, Tether Tether is a bug reporting tool that you can trigger when a user wants to report an issue. We integrate with almost every tool, Tether works across browsers, and we automatically collect tech data like browser, device etc.
David Babins
Respectfully, consider outbound prospecting marketing activities, including a mix of feedback in return for some win-win relationships in the long-term and more! ... :) Brainstorming ideas and opportunities are almost endless online to keep in mind... https://blog.aspiration.marketin...
Hello, Not so long time ago they launch this app here, that can maybe help you.