How do you choose what type of promo video you do?

François Rochat
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Hey guys, I need a promo video for my platform dommi as I am about to start a ppc campaign as well as a launch on PH and nothing speaks more than a good video :). Has anyone already made a promo video or hire someone to do it? How did you choose between all the different possibilities (screen recording, animation, cartoon, paid actor, voice over, etc). I get that it depends what type of business you do (in my case it's for a website) but still wondering if we have statistics on what's the most powerful for potential users? If you also have a good company that could help me with mine for a reasonable price I'm in :). Thank you so much


Andy Walraven
If you don't want to spend a lot of money, or you want something quick I would suggest animating istock images, and then using a service like voice jungle to get a good quality, but affordable VO. You can find music beds the same way. The biggest issue will be a quality after effects editor for the video sequence, but that's not insurmountable.
Shravya Indukuri
Video production does seem like a daunting task at the onset. However, there are many tools out there if you want to make quick, creative, impactful promo-videos with stunning stock visuals. Steve AI is a great tool that you could explore. All you need to give is the script for the video and the tool converts the text to video by leveraging the power of AI. You can make both live action and animated videos with this tool and add music/voice-overs as you need. Customization and brand-outro is also conveniently designed to be a part of the tool.