How do you choose a SaaS tool?

Avi Hercenberg
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How do you go about choosing a SaaS tool for your needs? There are so many options out there in any category, and there's no transparency as to the true capabilities and limitations of each product and how they compare to each other. Think CRM, PM, Tickting software, etc. I'd love to hear your typical process for choosing software.


Maxwell Davis
Usually I choose by having an intense burst of a lack of will power
Rushikesh Kavathekar
Usually, I choose to go for free subscription model and then, after trying the tool, if i like it i click on checkout button.
Rushikesh Kavathekar
@avi_hercenberg yes, but it offers me better results and save a lot of money. Suggest to use atleast 2-3 tools before sigining Subscription
Jared Cornell
That’s an excellent question and anyone who has gone through the process of choosing a SaaS tool knows how tiring and confusing it can get. However, we were able to choose the best SaaS tool for our customer service team - ProProfs Help Desk (, by keeping the following points in mind: Price: Go for a tool that offers flexible payment options instead of requiring heavy investment. Features: Sit with your team and jot down the features that you need at any cost. Then see which tools match your requirements perfectly. Customer service: While many businesses ignore support, it plays a crucial part when things go haywire. Go for a vendor known for 24x7, exceptional support.