How do you build your MVP?

Moritz Maier
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Question to all the makers out here - how do you tackle the challenge of building your MVP and technical product? We are building a platform which might helps - interested in finding out more?


Rajneesh Kumar
An MVP in the software development industry is developed with the help of agile methodology. In this methodology, the software is developed in various sprints instead of a complete whole. To begin the development, your MVP development company will collect a SRS (software requirement specification) sheet that will define all basic requirements. After conducting various types of evaluation, the company will let you know whether it can develop the MVP or requires some major changes in the SRS. If the company takes on the job, it will start the designing and development work for the first sprint. Meanwhile, you can collect a small group of early adopters who will give their feedback on the MVP. Now, when the first sprint is complete, you have your MVP. It may look far distinguished from what you originally planned but is inclusive of all primary features required for feasibility testing. The group of early adopters that you collected before will use the MVP software and provide you with various suggestions required to make your MVP likable. Based on these suggestions, you can add more features into your MVP in the second sprint and so on. For successful MVP development, you will need to reiterate the process until the early adopters give a green signal to your project, which will mean that the MVP has some business potential and should reach its final stage, i.e. the actual market-ready product. You can get professional assistance for your MVP development project at FATbit Technologies, which expertises in developing eCommerce MVPs. Further more information visit here: