How do you brainstorm ideas with your team remotely?

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I want to reach out to see if anyone else is thinking about similar problems. We are a remote team and we are recently thinking about how we can brainstorm better to encourage really creative, innovative ideas. Before COVID-19, we used the old way to run brainstorming sessions. Usually get everyone in front of a whiteboard and talk and draw. Or sometimes a question is raised, and everyone goes on to think about it by themselves. When they think of something, they can just turn around and talk to their teams. A lot of that doesn’t apply anymore when we are now working remotely almost 100% of the time. We are able to coordinate really well when it comes to organized, structured work like writing reports, delivering features. But creative thinking usually comes out best for us in an unstructured setting. When being remote, sometimes unstructured talking sessions lead to no results, or no action forward. Now this might start to sound contradicting, but we are experimenting with different ways to actually come up with a structured process to brainstorm. What we want is a process that gives us the space and time to have deep and meaningful thinking but also gives us a good way to communicate the ideas to our teams and in the end a way to reflect on the ideas so they actually move us forward. I want to ask if anyone has similar experiences, what are your thoughts on this issue? Why do you bother? How are you dealing with it now? What else have you tried? Any thoughts or comments are greatly appreciated! Thanks! ;)


Ira GI
Technology girl, software development
@ira_gi Thanks for your comments. We tried miro for almost a year. However, something I dislike: 1. ideas are seen while posting them, voice leader might influence the other introverted ones. 2. there is no organised way presenting summary of ideas. 3. I dislike the drop and drag style and I'm not an artist, I don't know how to make them look that elegant. ;-)
Jared Cornell
Customer Support Expert! ProProfs
As a customer service representative, we have to make quick decisions on support tickets - whether to offer refund or not, how to compensate an angry customer, and so on. With a tool like ProProfs Help Desk (, I can easily collaborate with my team members in real-time using Private Notes. These are internal discussions that are not visible to the customer. I’m am sure any remote customer service team will find this feature super useful. Good luck!
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