How did you make your first buck through a side project

Pathange Balaji Rao
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I had been always wanting to build stuff, but haven't launched anything, at least not until May of 2021. Ever since I had been building small side projects using NoCode tools - mostly curation-based projects. Some of them being 1. SelfSchool - A discovery platform with 500+ free courses that are on YouTube (#3 Product of the Day) 2. PromoZ - A platform to discover cool promo videos (#3 Product of the Day) 3. Bill's Bookshelf - Discover 75+ books recommended by Bill Gates (#3 Product of the Day) Now I really think it's time for me to think about making a living through the building. If I talk about if I made any money out of the three products that I had launched. No, not directly, but I did get a couple of donations through buying me a coffee. What advice would you have for me as a maker to build something that's of value and to make my first money through the product? I really want to hear from you. Please go on
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