How did you become a marketer?

I had a fun meeting with a couple of marketers, and we all had pretty different journeys that let us in the field. I loved hearing their stories, and want to read more! So tell me, how did you end up as a marketer? Do you think that's the tright position for you?


Anna Mandziuk πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦
I myself studied languages and writing my whole life:) I worked for a year as a social media copywriter for a museum which got me invested in marketing. I then decided to study Communication in Business and Media for my Master's (loved it) and was taking small projects along the way. I then worked as a researcher and data assurance specialist for 3 years until I got a great offer to continue my copywriting career which I happily took:)
Carsten Pleiser
I was in Enterprise sales and ended up doing all of our paid campaigns and content writing because no one else was getting results. Realised that sales was just one channel out of many ;)