How did you and your founding team meet? And what do you look for in a co-founder?

Penny Watson
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Hi guys 👋 Just wondering how you met your co-founders and how you approached finding/figuring out who would be a good match. I find in the startup space we talk a lot about product-market fit, but less about founder-market fit, or team-market fit. At the early stage there are lots of unknowns. The product is likely to change, there's a lot of uncertainty... but the founding team is the one constant. We've built a tool to help you calculate your founder-market fit and know what to look for your perfect co-founder, specific to your skillset (and skills gaps). I'd love your feedback - let me know your thoughts! Check it out at:


Bassel Daoud
Hi. you have a beautiful face here.
Pallavi Jaisinghani
It's a long story, but we'll cut it short :P The 3 founders of GenieTalk have been friends for years but it was in 2016 when this AI-powered idea hit one of them and all 3 came together. The best part is all of them come from different backgrounds bringing their specialised skillset & leadership to the team. Vivek with his technical background is at the helm of things. Ankit is a pro at networking & marketing. Santosh works his magic with finances, although he's always working at the backend. In case you wish to know more about the founders & the team
For us it was simple - I hired my co-founders first, then we worked together for a few years and I realised they're awesome so I invited them to be a part of the company. Best way, as you get to know the work ethic of your team members before you form a team 🙌