How critical is the mindset of a startup founder for its success?

Cristina Imre
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Let's say we take out money from the question. The startup was funded and now it comes to execution, going through all phases a startup needs to go. Do you think a startup can be successful with all the resources, even market, traction but with the wrong mindset? Will the founder(s) make it? *Food for thought and debate.


Manoj Ranaweera
What's the right mindset Cristina?
Cristina Imre
@manojranaweera The short answer in this case it’s the mindset that allows you to achieve the final outcome you were aiming for with your startup. Digging deeper, I love Carol Dweck’s mindset definition the most. It’s the self-perception or “self-theory” that people hold about themselves. Starting with this definition, mindset determines your version of reality. It controls your perception over situations and consequently your actions. It dictates your logic, beliefs, and you’ll think, feel and act accordingly. Based on the two types we know about, fixed or growth mindset, obviously we should aim for the growth mindset most of the time but there is a nuance to it because you can be successful having a fixed mindset about some things and growth mindset about other things. It’s a dynamic choice that you are capable of making. When it comes to a successful startup built, your growth mindset will need to lead the way but also should be altered based on the situation. It’s almost like an art form you can master once you start the journey of knowing yourself and continuing to learn and evolve.
David J. Kim
I can hand you the reigns of the most promising seed startup in the world and having the wrong mindset could easily tank it.
Cristina Imre
@between_team I agree 100% and we can see this all over the place, and in our lives. With the wrong mindset you can sabotage all the goodies life gives you.
Michael Wakefield
The founders are the leaders of the business and set the vision. They will attract those that share that vision. Long term viability all depends on their mindset. Examples of the wrong mindset abound. Take Uber for instance. There is a movie about that mindset. The leaders mindset is what defines the company and if it will be successful in the long term. If all you are looking for is short term payout, that is sometimes overlooked. Are you going to buy into the mindset and what you are expecting from it?