How can you improve the productivity of your teams?

Elena Cirera
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We have created a Verticalls video conferencing solution that increases productivity, 5 hours per week per person. This tool allows you to measure the tools and documents used by each member of your team and optimize your marketing and sales techniques. An analysis of each meeting is done to better understand the interlocutor to not forget any element and strengthen your positioning. The transcription and high-time marker tool save a huge amount of time on the reporting and analysis of customer needs. Finally, we are linked to CRM, which avoids wasting time in a double input of information. It’s a lot of tools but you can get all the details here:
Christian C
depends on what you are trying to build and achieve. Couple of options: 1) Teach them some time management 2) reduce meetings to a minimum 3) get the right productivity tools even if paid like :)
Francesco Ambrosiano
Some teams need micro-management. Some teams can be very independent. It really depends on several factors (seniority, etc.). But the best suggestion is to limit the input you give them, avoid context switching and let them focus on a limited number of activities.
Elena Cirera
@francesco_ambrosiano It varies from team to team, but micro-management is not good for better results in most cases.
Francesco Ambrosiano
@elena_cirera it really depends...I built several teams and had the best results with micro-management. It's not a negative thing per se, if the po or manager is good. It helps even extremely good developers in delivering faster with a broader view of the product roadmap. Then there's the "fairy tale" world...
Adam Casole-Buchanan
Decrease the size of goals into incremental gains. We try to mirror our Dev sprints which Marketing and Sales sprints, and have 1 weekly check-in, but ongoing celebration of getting the job done early. Productivity equates to the freedom to get things done in a reasonable timeline.
Elena Cirera
@adamcbuchanan Team leaders should focus on results; they should avoid micro-management; freedom can bring tremendous results to organizations.
Saqib Ali
There is no single approach to enable your teams to be more productive; rather, simple and consistent habits may establish the framework for a productive atmosphere. By offering regular assistance, feedback, and encouragement to your staff, one can notice a significant increase in production.
Elena Cirera
@saqib301 Yes, assistance and encouragement can significantly increase the production of the teams.
Urszula Ostrowska
Show them some time management tools/techniques ⏰
Hemant Warier
There are many different ways to improve the productivity of teams. One way is to set a goal for the team to achieve. This could be something as simple as completing a certain number of tasks in a day or week. Having a goal will help to keep everyone on track and focused. Another way to improve productivity is to break up the work into smaller tasks. This will make it easier for team members to stay organized and focused. And finally, communication is key. Make sure that everyone is communicating with each other, and also make sure that everyone is listening. Communication should be a two-way street; people should listen to each other as well as communicate with each other.
Jhon Albert
Generally, I summarized and conclude it. In my point of view: 1. Give your team members ownership 2. Identify your team’s strengths and weaknesses 3. Reward your employees