How can you clear your mind quickly ?

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Keeping your mind clear and focused is one of the biggest hurdles in getting anything done. So, is there any process or concept that you follow which has genuinely helped you clear your mind from distractions and focus quickly on the task at hand ?


Uku Kudu
Sleep is the best. 20-30 minutes. Breathing exercises. 15-20 minutes. Jump and exercise, drink water.
Sleep, Gym, Music, Family
Nice @robinkunz . Music really gives an extra boost to the mind and mood. Sleep is generally a gamble for me since i think i'll take a quick 20mins nap and end up waking up 3hours later wondering where in the world I am 😁.
Rashmi Gupta
go for a quick run
I agree @rashjbp . In the pre-covid time (seems like it was decades ago) , it really used to help me do a mental reset.
Flan Hamilton
I usually just sleep or eat something sweet or just tasty. Helps me distract myself and get the brain fog out of my head.