How can you build the audience for a new app?

Amanda Tunner
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Hi, I know getting leads for the new app is particularly difficult since you'll have to promote it to those who have no awareness of you or your businesses. I've come up with the idea of building the audience from some social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter but it seems not effective at all due to a large number of marketers like me there, also trying to promote their apps. So, do you guys have any suggestions? Or any suitable platform to get started with?


To keep it really, really simple, do this: 1. Ask yourself what problem the app solves. 2. Ask yourself who has that problem (or wish). 3. Ask yourself where you can find that people. 4. Advertise there.
Judy Gilmore
@simplytedel this is such a great help! I starting an app for my music website take a look and let me know your thoughts about it.
Alexey Shashkov
Hey, Amanda. Have you read the book «Traction. How any startup can achieve explosive customer growth»? There are many suggestions for your situation.
Ruben Wolff
LinkedIn, Twitter, Indie Hackers and Reddit are the ones I use the most, not necessarily for the same thing, but LI and Twitter are good for growing in public, and IH and Reddit are good to connect with other app builders and people interested in innovative products. Product Hunt is also in fact not a bad platform to make connections :)
Amanda Tunner
@rubenwolff Hi Ruben, thanks so much your share 😄. I'm joining Shopify App Challenge and using Twitter for staying connected as Shopify Devs & Partners are very active there. Moreover, the community there is also big for marketing, which also means there are also lots of competitors. I also try to reach LI and Reddit too, but Indie Hackers seems quite strange for me. I've just walked around IH, it's quite similar to Product Hunt, isn't it?
Ruben Wolff
@amanda_tunner it is yes in the sense that it's a platform used for entrepreneurs but I feel people are engaging way more there than here, and the amount of posts is enormous compared to PH. It's also easier to post long reads, links to your project etc.
Adiraj Gupta
If your product is b2c, Tik Tok at the moment is massive to try and get more people to see product or company!
Amanda Tunner
@adirajgupta Thanks Adiraj, but my product is b2b, is there any platform to build the audience effectively there?
Adiraj Gupta
@amanda_tunner Got it, depends on the size and scale of businesses you go after, enterprise level business marketing is very different to small business marketing. Which size or types of business are you trying to target?
Abdul Malik
App Store Optimization
Tailor the content to the place you are building. For eg, what works on Reddit might not work on Twitter or somewhere else. While the crux can remain the same, there needs to be personalization. Make use of trends. If you see a trend that you can make use of, make use of it.