How can users generate reminders?

Eivind Håverstad
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So, I'm about to make a landing page where the users should be able to remind themselves to do a task in the future. They can also do a task right now, but they can choose to do it later. Do you know of a tool or a service that does enable this kind of function? The reminder might be an appointment in their calendar, but the reminder timestamp must be relative to when the user generates a reminder. Ex: 3 months after the user generated the reminder. I would appreciate any tips on this. Thanks!


Sigurd Seteklev
Superhuman has a great reminder functionality. You simply input text, like a specific date or time, or something relative like "next Wednesday" or "in 48 hours".
Eivind Håverstad
@kitemaker Thanks for the advice, Sigurd! The way you define this function is pretty much what I'm looking for. So, when generated from Superhuman, will the output be a predefined link which I can add on my landing page?
Ana Rold
Open Google Calendar. Under “My Calendars,” check Reminders. In the top left, click Create . In the pop-up box, click Reminder