How can i validate idea before building out

Shibani Mishra
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The product that I want to build is a mobile app for school administrators to improve the efficiency of their operations. Any idea on who makes the decision to buy software for schools and how I can make connections to test if there is a need around my idea.


Junior Owolabi
PM, Developer and Founder @ PrepxUs
leverage the design thinking process and customer development methodology to plan what you are going to ask and what your expectations are from the customer interview. questions to ask are like "What is your day to day like as a school administrator", "What challenges do you experience in the role" (this may reveal who procures school resources; like a logistics manager or something), "What workarounds/tools/processes do you currently use to resolve these challenges" (help determine some competitors, you can follow up with "Is the solution effect, where does it become challenging"), etc Go to school administrator discussion groups, I'm unsure but you may want to check on Reddit, Quora, Facebook, LinkedIn, Private/Public Slack Groups and other specialised web forums. Research on google about keywords/phrases associated with the problem you are solving, search in the groups with these keywords (if the school admins frequently experience this problems you will find them seeking a solution for it)